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Branson, Missouri is known as a family vacation destination. Unlike most Branson publications that target tourists and vacationers, The Dining Passport was created as a way to help locals save money and to help Branson area restaurants gain loyal, repeat customers in addition to their tourist market. The pocket-sized coupon book features numerous Buy One-Get One deals not offered anywhere else in the area, is valid through one calendar year, and retails for $69.99, with increasing discounts as the year progresses.
The goal was to create a high-quality piece with an upscale feel, not typical of your average coupon book. The Dining Passport, in look and feel, needed to match the price it was going to be sold for. I opted for a clean, sleek look with muted photography and san serif typeface, but added yellow for contrast and attention. In addition to creating the logo and full book layout, I also designed 32 of the 52 advertisements included.
Since the original release of the book, I have designed two more editions, 2022 and 2023. The 2023 edition is currently being sold.
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